Ranees successfully completed her training with GORSE SCITT last year and secured employment at St. Bede’s and St Joseph’s Catholic College.

Stay positive, throughout this year, the main person to get you through this training year is you. Don’t be afraid to try new methods and having different approaches to certain classroom struggles. You will find what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when it is needed. You will be surrounded by professionals who have expertise in all areas, not just their subject!

Although I have competed my training year, I am still learning. Every student is different and you’ll never find a ‘one approach fits all’. And that is fine. My department have really looked after me in ensuring I have a range of classes and have all the resources I need. However, with the current climate, we are going to have an evolving system with how we teach. It isn’t easy, as I have no set classroom, can’t make my own displays, not sure if the next classroom I teach in will have the sound working on the board, having to create a new seating plan, not being able to walk around the classroom or producing handouts etc. However, we are all learning as we go along, which makes me feel a little more comforted that I’m not the only teacher getting used to a new environment. There is always someone around to help, the main goal is to deliver lessons safely at this moment in time, whilst incorporating the teaching standards.

Ranees Hussain – Science NQT at St. Bede’s and St Joseph’s Catholic College.

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