We’re incredibly proud of our GORSE SCITT Bradford trainees who have been supporting their training schools during lockdown through delivering activities or sending resources. Here is one account of life in Hanson School during lockdown…

The day the Government announced that schools would be closing to all but children of key workers and those deemed vulnerable, the atmosphere around school was filled with rumour, caution and some mild panic.

As a technology trainee I wanted to volunteer to help out in school to provide some fun, hands on, distractions for all those students as well as myself.  This willingness to help is directly in response to seeing the unfaltering efforts of all the teachers in the school as this situation became inevitable. The community spirit within a school, seeing teachers support each other and those in their care is unique to the profession.

So, my name was on the rota and that first day I was called upon to help with a session I didn’t know what or who to expect. Instantly the training and instincts kicked in, the children were nervous and trepidatious, but we created a trusting and reassuring environment for them to be in by providing that one constant. We made cars in the workshop and children from all year groups (including Primary!) were making friends and helping each other. As lunchtime rolled around we had had many laughs and some healthy competition, producing some fun memories in this troubling time. This week we are scheduled to make some tasty treats in the food rooms that will hopefully also bring a smile to their families’ faces too. On top of keeping the children happy and safe, teachers from all departments have come together to help technology to manufacture visors and other PPE for frontline staff.

(See The Telegraph & Argus’ article about Bradford schools and communities supplying PPE – view here)

In the past few weeks I have truly understood the resilience, calm and compassion it takes to be a teacher, how much teachers care for the students in their charge. This response shown by my school in such a crisis will be an example that I will take with me as I begin my career and reflect on when times are tough.

Kerry Simpson – GORSE SCITT Bradford D&T trainee

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