Community is extremely important to GORSE SCITT, supporting wherever we can within our schools and wider is always at the heart of our work – this has been paramount in our work during COVID-19. Training our cohort continues online whilst recruiting our next Cohort!

Principal of Teaching Schools, Stephen McKenzie, discusses what we’ve been up to in this period – 

How have we met the challenge of the current national crisis?

It would hardly be honest to say that the last three and a half weeks have been business as usual, but we are proud of the fact that in that time we have seen not only acts of near heroism from our trainees but also the complete reorientation of our programme from hands on and face to face to virtual. It is a desperate time, but there have to be silver linings and these have included:

All of our trainees who, when their host schools struggled to provide for their pupils stood up and did more so that this could be.

Our great Directors and Deputy Directors who have created valuable on-line training to keep the programme purposeful.

Our brilliant Subject Leads who have constructed practical development work so that our trainees will still be amazingly well equipped for their NQT years.

Our fantastic admin team who have literally made a flying machine from Sellotape and straws when our building closed down.

And last, but not least, our first ever Zoom GES; two hundred people coming together, virtually, in an act of community.

“Community”, a good word to end with.

Do you want to be part of our next cohort but you’re unsure whether you are eligible?

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We are still hosting our open evenings!

These are via the online platform Zoom with the Principal of Teaching Schools and Director of GORSE SCITT to discuss any queries you have about teacher training!

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