We’re incredibly proud of our GORSE SCITT Bradford trainees who have been supporting their training schools during lockdown through delivering activities or sending resources. Here is one couple of account of life in Hanson School during lockdown…

Walking into school is particularly quiet. What should have been the epicentre of the hustle and bustle of a new school day is now quiet and peaceful. Walking through the school is strange, with many rooms being cordoned off due to being sterilization.

When I arrived, the students had just finished their morning activity and were heading to lunch. There are roughly fifteen students in school per day with a mix of students from Hanson and two nearby primary schools. The ages of the students range from three to fifteen, however, age is unimportant in this group as all the children mix seamlessly and it is clear that strong friendships have been formed.

After lunch and a piece of cake, made by a particularly grateful parent, it is time for Music and Drama. The students are full of life and spirit and want to play as many games as possible. Due to the tiring games, the younger students who needed some time to recuperate were taken outside by a member of support staff from a primary school to get some fresh air. We then moved into a music room and started working on our keyboard skills. For some, this meant listening to every pre-programmed track and dancing around the classroom with a huge smile on their face while others focus on their playing technique.

Some students were learning nursery rhymes while others who had played the keyboard previously in school managed to play parts of a John Legend song, to which he was very impressed with himself. After the music and drama session, there was a short break where students had a snack and a drink. Some students went home after this, while others stayed to watch a movie before their parents picked them up.

One student offered to help the Deputy Head make plastic visors that would be sent out to hospitals in the area. While I believed that the students in school would be disheartened, this was not true. It was amazing to see the enthusiasm and joy within the students. One of the younger students even complained that they did not want to go home for the weekend because it was boring compared to being with their newfound friends at Hanson.

The students were full of life, while also being kind and caring to one another. There was a particular sense of leadership from the older students as they guided the younger students through the games and tasks planned for them. Overall, it is encouraging to know that these students have had a fun-filled, educational day, especially when they have done so with a big smile on their faces.

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