Let’s learn more about ITT training

Making the decision to become a teacher is a big one! It means that you’ve spent time deciding that you want to make a difference to the lives of children, shaping their future and giving them something to achieve as they grow. As well as this, you’ve decided to step up and achieve something for yourself that you can take anywhere in the world and do something with.

Teaching opens up a lot of doors for you, all you need to know is which door you’d like to step through so that you can make your teaching dream a reality. Thankfully, there is more than one avenue toward teaching, and this means that you have options.

Teaching Options: Routes Into Teaching

  • If you want to become a qualified teacher and gain QTS in a UK school, you need to undertake ITT – Initial Teacher Training. Entry is competitive for the most part, but for the maths, physics and language subjects, there are always teacher shortages. When you complete your ITT training, you will gain Qualified Teacher Status. There are some schools – particularly in the private sector – that don’t require QTS as an entry requirement. The routes into teaching include:
  • A Teaching Degree (Undergraduate). You can study an undergraduate teaching degree at university that comes with QTS.
  • PGCE. If you have already got a degree and want to redirect into teaching, you can complete a PGCE.
  • Postgraduate Teacher Training. Schools and universities often put on postgraduate teacher training courses as an option for aspiring teachers.
  • Future Teaching Scholars. Exceptional A-level students who want to study maths or physics can take this six-year route into teaching.
  • Graduate Teacher Programme. Employment-based teacher training is an option in Wales. A one-year course offering QTS at the end.
  • GORSE SCITT. Our route is the Postgraduate ITT route and for this route, you will need a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and GCSE passes in English Language, Mathematics and, if applying for Primary school, you need a science pass grade as well.


At GORSE SCITT, we offer outstanding teacher training to all of our candidates. GORSE SCITT has cultivated a programme that ensures that you will see and understand every aspect of a child’s life from age 3 to 19. With our programme, you spend 80% of your time learning directly with us in the classroom. We are school-centred in our approach, but we take your teacher training seriously, with a large focus on your academic development.

What You Get

In terms of qualifications, you will gain:

  • QTS – Qualified Teacher Status. This is based around your planning, teaching and assessment of children.
  • PGCE – Postgraduate Certificate of Education. This programme is for those who have another degree outside of teaching and a PGCE is known as the “gold standard” of teacher training. You will learn alongside our QTS programme and be able to complete two Masters Level assignments.

You also gain outstanding support, experience and knowledge with a GORSE SCITT initial teacher training course.

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