The GORSE SCITT Classical Civilisation training course gives an opportunity to train in the delivery of Classical Civilisation at A Level. The chance to study or teach the history and cultures of the ancient world is a rare one in modern education, but these fascinating subjects attract enthusiastic students and open doors to a range of future opportunities for them. If you have a degree in classics, or with a significant area of classics specialism, you will qualify for this course. With one extended placement delivering Classical Civilisation at A Level and one in a second subject at GCSE, we will provide you with a broad experience and expert training at both levels. You will learn how to plan creative and challenging lessons, as well as design more extended curricula. You will learn about approaches to assessment in Classical Civilisation and in your second subject. You will work with expert mentors and teachers with a proven track record of success, both in Classical Civilisation at A Level and in your chosen subject at GCSE. Please note that the course you will learn to deliver is Classical Civilisation, which is the study of the literature, culture and history of the ancient world but does not include the delivery of ancient languages. There is no expectation of having the ability to teach Greek or Latin to qualify for this course.

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